Description: Food can become a serious assistant in the fight against Coronavirus. However, for this ally to be most effective, it is essential to know how to make food and what should be added to your weight loss diet. 

According to WHO, coronavirus has infected more than 4 lac people worldwide. However, a deadly infection can be fought, despite the fantastic ability of COVID-19 to rapidly mutate. An experienced doctor from Spain, Jose Manuel Fernandez Garcia, shared his recommendations on preparing for a collision with Coronavirus.

According to the doctor, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help you successfully resist various viruses, including a dangerous strain of Coronavirus.

A weight-loss diet list that helps fighting Coronavirus

Jose Manuel advises taking the Mediterranean weight loss diet as a basis. To comply with it, you should include a lot of vegetables, fruits, and herbs in your daily ration. According to Garcia, such products are vital for building strong immunity and keeping the body in good shape. Consider using healthy diet supplements weight loss, such as the best MCT oil, to help your body become more potent.


The doctor advises eating five vegetables and fruits to boost your immunity. Fruits and vegetable diet for weight loss are rich in fiber, which is very helpful for digestion. He also recommends consuming whole grains and unrefined foods.

You need to eat meat or fish at least twice a week to maintain protein balance in the body. Besides, you should prefer fish, and give preference to poultry among all types of meat.

Try to consume legumes two to three times a week, such as beans, lentils, and dried peas. They are necessary to maintain the work of muscles. It would also be helpful to include dairy in the weight loss diet: cheeses, yogurts, milk, cottage cheese, cream. The doctor believes that you should not be afraid to eat a moderate amount of eggs during a medical weight loss diet.

The basic fatty food of your weight loss diet should be olive oil. You can fry on it, marinate meat and fish, as well as season salads. As a dessert, dried fruits rich in vitamins are best suited.

Avoid Processed Foods

You should eliminate processed meat and any processed foods from the diet. Processed and canned foods are deprived of nutritional value. Besides, try to eat less sugar and salt. Avoid baking sweets, sugary drinks, and Trans fats. It negatively affects the vascular permeability, promotes the growth of bacteria.


Cereals need to be kept in water for 4-6 hours to ferment. It increases their digestibility and frees from phytic acid, which does not allow essential trace elements to be absorbed. Fermented products, baked apples, and sauerkraut are beneficial.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, you need to remember that a low-fat broth and food cooked on it is a very high-quality source of amino acids. Chicken broth contains amino acids, such as lysine, which has significant antiviral properties. Therefore, try to eat broth as often as possible, but at the same time, it should not be greasy. It means that about 150 grams of meat will be enough for about 2-3 liters of water. You can also add bones, various cereals, and vegetables; this will saturate your broth with a lot of nutrients.

In general, the diet should have enough protein, vitamins (A, B, C) from different groups of products, trace elements, including zinc, which is found in cereals, seafood, and poultry. Which of the following is characteristic of a healthy weight loss diet? The answer is everything.

Helping your diet to boost your immunity

You can supplement the positive effects of such a weight loss diet by adding moderate exercise. Exercise for about 30 minutes a day to increase protection and enhance overall body stamina. You can find many sets of home workouts and choose the one that you like the most.


A full, healthy sleep, during which your body regains its strength, is also essential.

Follow these simple recommendations, and then your immunity will get a better chance in the fight against Coronavirus.

Conclusion: Coronavirus is possible to resist if you maintain the body in good shape and comply with the recommendation of nutrition. Nutritionists advise enriching your daily menu with vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

They also give advice on how to cook cereals from various grains, so that they would have the most positive effect on the body and strengthen the immune system.

Please share your ideas of nutrition for Coronavirus prevention in the comments below. Do you agree with nutritionists on this point? Have you tried a healthy keto diet plans for weight loss?

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This Blog is written by our guest author Adam Reeve.

Author’s bio:  Adam Reeve is a nutritionist and food blogger. He studied many types of nutrition for weight loss and weight gain and know exactly what kind of diet can boost your immunity and help in fighting with the virus attacks. He gladly shares these tips on his blog.

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