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How Ketogenic Diet Works for Type 2 Diabetes

A high-fat diet for type 2 diabetes is proven to be beneficial. The ketogenic diet can help a patient decrease glucose levels and has other scientific benefits. Diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates potentially alter the way a body stores and uses energy to relieve the symptoms of …


5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Are you looking for an answer to staying healthy during travelling? we’ve got you covered in this article by providing 5 simple tips to stay healthy while travelling. Sometimes you feel like you need a vacation or a few days out of town, but when you get back, you feel …

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12 Surprisingly High Protein Foods For Vegans & Vegetarians

This article will help you find the best high protein vegetarian & vegan foods. For the people who might not know – A vegan diet is a diet that contains plant-based food only. Whereas, a vegetarian diet consists of mostly plant-based foods but may allow limited animal products. Regardless of the variations, these …


4 Outstanding Psychological Benefits of Working Out

We all know that exercise is very important if you want to live a life with health, wealth, and wisdom. All of these things are inter-connected, believe it or not. Many types of research have shown that exercise directly impacts one’s state of mind for the better and allows them …


5 Mistakes That BJJ Enthusiasts Should Not Make

If you’re an MMA enthusiast and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the love of your life, chances are that you are leaving no stone unturned in becoming a remarkable BJJ athlete. It’s good that you are putting in all the necessary efforts. However, if you go over the limit, chances are that …

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