12 Healthy Late Night Snacks That Won’t Make You Fat


Hey! Looking for some quick healthy late-night snacks? We’ve got you covered.

There are many snacks available, but the challenge here is to figure out what’s quick, tasty, and won’t lead you to weight gain.

After all, there’s scientific evidence that eating too late at night – especially before bed interferes with weight control. (1)

However, if you’re very hungry, research also suggests that eating a nutrient-dense, low energy snack under 200 calories is fine at night. (9)

Here are the 12 best low-calorie healthy snacks you can eat late at night. Some snacks also contain nutrients that may help you sleep better.

1. Yogurt


Yogurt is a great source of calcium, protein, and has also been linked to better sleep. (1)

100 grams of Greek, nonfat yogurt contains 10 g of casein protein and only 59 calories. Eating casein protein before bed helps with recovery, muscle growth, and muscle breakdown.

Yogurt is a great choice for a snack before bed. Mix it with fruit such as berries or peaches for a more fulfilling and nutritious experience.

2. Whole Grain Cereals


Cereals are incredibly versatile and can be eaten at any time of the day. Whole grain cereals like oatmeal, barley, and millet are great source of protein, fiber, and many micro-nutrients.

1 cup (234 g) cooked oatmeal with water averages 158 calories. You can also add berries for a more satisfying snack. Including 50 berries add up 39 calories and your meal is still under 200 recommended calories.

Along with satisfying hunger, oats are also great source of melatonin. (2)

3. Peanut Butter


Peanut butter is a savior when it comes to late-night snacking. It’s one of the instant ways to get rid of hunger. You just have to open the jar and need to gulp two spoons from it.

2 spoons of peanut butter packed up with 8 g of hunger-satisfying protein and have only 188 calories.

It also contains magnesium that regulates hormone melatonin which helps you sleep much easier and better. (4)

4. Chicken Salami Sandwich


Chicken salami is a great & healthy option for a late-night snack. All you need is 3 slices of chicken salami and 1 slice of multigrain bread to feed your midnight hunger.

Cut slice of bread from middle, put on the chicken salami, add a small onion or tomato if you want to and enjoy your healthy sandwich.

3 slices of chicken salami and one slice of multigrain bread contains 10 grams of protein and only 160 calories, under the recommended 200 calories.

5. Banana with Almond Butter


1 small banana dipped in 1 tablespoon of almond butter is a healthy, tasty, and a great 165 calories late-night snacks.

Banana is relatively rich in magnesium and has been linked to better sleep by supporting the production of melatonin in the body. (3)

On the other hand, almond butter is a good source of healthy fats, vitamin E, and magnesium.

6. Cottage Cheese


Cottage cheese is a super healthy, high protein, and nutrient-dense choice for a late-night snack.

One cup (226 g) of cottage cheese provides 28 grams of protein and contains only 163 calories.

The high content of protein in cottage cheese helps feel satiated and may lead you to weight loss. (6)

7. Popcorn


Who doesn’t love to eat popcorn? Everyone, right? But the way you prepare your popcorn’s can either make it super healthy or very unhealthy.

Pre-Packaged microwave popcorn is bad for health. To enjoy popcorn’s the healthiest way, cook it on the stove or in an air-popper.

Home-cooked popcorns are a great source of fiber. Fiber helps lose weight and promotes digestive health. (7)

50 grams of pop corn contain 19 calories and 7.5 g of fiber which is enough to feel full and keeps hunger at bay.

8. Eggs


Like cereals, eggs are extremely versatile, you can eat them any time of the day.

Well, eggs are not seen as a snack by a majority of people but they are very satisfying & quick to cook.

One whole egg provides 6 g of protein and has only 72 calories. Two whole boiled eggs or omelet is enough to tame your hunger.

Eggs are rich in vitamin B12 which is reported to promote normal sleep-wake cycles and also help people with insomnia. (8)

9. Protein Smoothie


Smoothies are quick and easy to make. Protein smoothie before bed can help repair muscles, building muscles, and may help you eat less the next morning. (9)

One scoop of whey protein mixed with berries and strawberries is a tasty and healthy option for late night snacks.

If you don’t have whey protein, blend 250 ml of low-fat milk with 100 g of frozen strawberries for a smoothie around 170 calories.

10. Mixed Berries


Fresh mixed berries is the optimal choice if you’re looking for a large snack serving that contain less calories.

Berries are an excellent source of vitamin c and are also rich in fiber & antioxands.

You can eat up to 3 cups of mixed berries which is only about 160 calories and still stay under the recommended 20 calorie mark.

Also berries contain a decent amount of melatonin which makes it a great snack before sleep. (10)

11. Crackers with Hummus


If you’re up for something savory, crackers with hummus dip could be your best choice.

Just keep an eye on the serving size. Crackers are easy to eat in a large amount. Always opt for the whole grain crackers that contain fiber and may help you feel full in low serving.

Two crackers with 2 spoon of hummus is about 150 calories, you can also add some berries for a little more volume and stay full until morning.

12. Mixed Nuts


Dried nuts, walnuts, and almonds are always the best choice when it comes to healthy snacking.

Since, nuts are generally calorie-dense, so always your serving. A 38 gram serving of mix nuts averages 173 calories.

Besides makes you feel full, providing healthy fats, mixed nuts are also rich in certain vitamins and minerals that may support sleep.

For instance, walnuts and other dried nuts have been considered for their melatonin content. (11)

The Bottom Line

If you are truly hungry at night – eating a snack under 200 calories won’t make you fat.

Instead of munching on processed foods, eat whole foods like yogurt, berries, hummus, nuts, and eggs for a healthy late-night snacks.

Keep healthy snacks available at all times, so you wouldn’t have to run for the supermarket or and to prevent eating whatever you find at home – especially unhealthy.

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