5 Mistakes That BJJ Enthusiasts Should Not Make


If you’re an MMA enthusiast and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the love of your life, chances are that you are leaving no stone unturned in becoming a remarkable BJJ athlete. It’s good that you are putting in all the necessary efforts. However, if you go over the limit, chances are that your gains will take a serious hit. It is, therefore, important for you to hold your horses and plan your daily workout routines carefully. Five common mistakes that usually affect athletes like you are enlisted below. Read them carefully to avoid them and workout to your maximum potential.

Turning a Deaf Ear to Your Body

Listen to your body. Don’t overstress yourself. If you’re tired from a previous day’s activity and have not been able to rest properly, it’s best that you listen to what your body is asking of you.

It’s okay to let your body rest for a couple of days if it’s in strain. That’s perfectly alright. The rest will have healing effects and let your body come back on track. If you go for strenuous activity when your body is not really ready for it, you’re inviting some serious injury. Don’t do that. Muscle tears, strains, and cramps can have some very taxing effects on your physical health as well. Moreover, to avoid injuries during training sessions, take care and wear good BJJ apparel.

Muscular Growth Instead of Muscular Strength

At times, we want to have muscular growth to pair up with our BJJ routine. For that, we add preacher curls or calf raises to our workout routine too. And this, my dear friend, is a bad idea. Size is not equal to physical strength, memorize this fact. Too often, people with smaller muscular sizes end up shaming those with huge ones. This is because it’s about muscular strength rather than muscular size. To increase your muscular strength, take up weighted lifting. It will ensure that your arms, calves, and other muscles develop in strength. Furthermore, you will also experience a rush of anabolic hormones and experience your calories burning as well.

The Harmony Between Your Mind and Muscle

You need to be a believer. Remember, your belief will turn into a manifestation of yourself. You want big muscles, believe that you will have them. You want to be a good BJJ combatant, believe that you will be.
Every day in and day out, your mindset will play a vital role in your training routine. With every single day in the BJJ gym, think that you are going to make contact and successfully dominate your opponent before executing the move. Watch it happening in your mind before it actually does. And then, when it does, your belief will strengthen. The mistake that BJJ enthusiasts make in this regard is that they do not visualize their moves before happening. That’s why they end up like every other average BJJ guy. Be different and stand out. And you can do that by believing in yourself and your moves!

Slacking During the Weekend

This is quite a brutal mistake and even many BJJ pros are guilty of this. For you to come strong out of the weekend, you have to make a very carefully thought out schedule for yourself. Eat healthily, wear fit like glove apparels and don’t procrastinate. Furthermore, keep a grip on yourself and avoid drinks. Alcohol is not a good thing and it will hit you mentally, physically, and spiritually. Quit drinking alcohol and live aa clean and healthy life.

Cardio Gets Too Much Attention

Cardio is a very good way of burning fat and staying lean. If you do cardio along with BJJ, it’s a good idea and I second it. However, if you become reckless and start doing cardio all of the time, you are going to pay the price. And a heavy price at that, too! Know for a fact that moderation is key. If you are not moderate, you are going to face the music. It’s important that you do cardio for your heart health, but doing it all of the time will have quite an adverse effect on your BJJ gains. Being lean is good, but don’t overdo it.

Follow the suggestions presented against all of the mistakes shared above in order to become a remarkable BJJ expert. If you follow these tips, you will be able to become one of the best in the game!

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